Hello. I am a husband and father of two kids ages 17 and 12 and we live in Texas. As an engineer, I have had a successful 20 year corporate career and have been fortunate to accumulate a net worth close to $3MM in spite of mistakes and many lessons learned.

This blog was born out of a discussion with my wife about how we were naive and ignorant about things that really matter in the long term when we started our life together. We stumbled our way through finances, life planning, kids, career strategies, families and various successes and setbacks.

This blog is about writing our life lessons down – Now that our kids will enter the world and workforce over the next few years, we wanted to make sure they had a better start than we did.

Most of my career has been as a successful technical executive. Personally, I am reaching a stage where I feel more confident that I need to re-craft my life to be more fulfilling. The blog also captures our experiments in lifestyle design, growing our net worth, finding fulfillment, escaping the corporate life and considering early retirement.

Finally, in my corporate life, I see many colleagues that are unhappy or unfulfilled in their work, and this has led to many conversations over my career where I could share some experience that helped them think through their challenges.

Our Promise: No content on this blog now or ever will be anything I would not seek to tell my kids.

Our financial information reflects our situation and choices. We have in the past and will continue to make financial mistakes in spite of our best intentions. Your mileage will vary.

We don’t seek to acquire or use your personal information.

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