2019 Goals

2019 brought many changes …quickly and some unexpected. Crossing $3MM in net worth, a kid headed to college and a decision to leave a high paying job and take better control of our time and choices. Overall, I have the say the effect has been net positive … in spite of early fears and uncertainty. This also explains why it took a little time to be able to articulate our goals for 2019. We finally have some stability of intent and outlook so here goes:

  • Achieve Net Worth of : $3.5MM
  • Achieve Portfolio Income of: $180k/year or $15k per month using a mix of investments with Beta < 1.
  • Fitness: Develop the ability to sustain 100 pushups, 100 squats and 5 pull-ups each day for 30 day stretches.
  • Surround ourselves with people and thoughts that are positive, supportive and definitely non-toxic.
  • Continue to simplify, focus and make our life more joyful and intentional.

Long term goals:

  • Net Worth: $10mm+
  • Portfolio Income: $300k/year
  • Fitness: as in 2019 goals.


  1. Does your annual portfolio income of $135k include capital gains? Or only interest and dividends? If you generating $135k from only interest and dividends, wow! Please share how…


    1. Hi Joe … these are distributions from a variety of leveraged high yield instruments. You have UBS ETNs ( 15-20%), Closed end Funds ( 8-12%) and REITS ( 10-12%) which can be mixed and matched to produce a high distributions. This is not a mainstream or recommended strategy but something unique to my objectives and I’m willing to take the associated risks.

    1. Agreed! The new assignment has a lot of travel so fitness has gone to nought. Am trying to restart this week so your comment helped!

  2. I have found that if I add going to the gym to my calendar it helps me be more aware. Yes, there are times that I can’t make it, but that little reminder is at least there daily.

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