Financial Update Mar 5, 2019: NW $3,038,571 ( +1.7%: +$53,074)

The month of February saw steady progress. I put some effort in consolidating my 401k accounts but apart from that, the portfolio was free to keep reinvesting independent of what happened in the market any given day. We broke over the $3MM mark once again after having been there late last year.

Our expenses for the month were $6,000 .. almost identical to January. Due to Valentine’s day, we let ourselves go a bit with gifts and dining. Could we have done with less .. for sure. Would it have been worth it…probably not! Let us see where the money went.

Home Maintenance$648
General Merchandise$494
Everything Else$503
Core Expenses: $3,863Non Core Expenses: $2,137

We paid two months of heating costs this month, leading to almost $500 in utilities cost. This should lower the expenses next month. Restaurant spend continued to be high as several of us were sick due to the changing weather and this led to ordering in more than usual. Home maintenance included $300 for one time mulching and lawn work.

The education expense was almost all a one time exam registration fees for my son in his final year of school. I also traveled abroad in connection with a possible consulting assignment and the travel costs incurred here should get reimbursed by the client.

Entertainment was almost all iTunes. I was a bit surprised to see the gas expenses still high at $104.

The non-core expenses for the month include the one time travel, the restaurant spending, the one time education bill and the gift spend associated with Valentine’s day.

Our income for the month was $30,571
Paycheck : $18,020
Taxable Portfolio Distributions: $8,112
Tax Sheltered Portfolio Distributions: $3,435

The ‘paychecks’ will continue for the next few months as part of the severance agreement.

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