Financial Update Feb, 2019: NW $2,985,497 ( +4.0%: +$116,988)

,The markets recovered nicely in January – what a relief. However it is still unsettling to see such wild and unexplained swings. That said, my attention was diverted by negotiating a six figure severance from my current increasingly toxic job and by mid January, I was free!

Our expenses for the month were $5,903, which came in a bit higher than December. , when we spent around $4,117. Let us see what drove that.

Auto Insurance$1,109
General Merchandise$678
Home Maintenance$638
Kids classes$205
Online Services$127
Everything Else$831
Core Expenses: $3,700Non Core Expenses: $2,203

Our biggest expense was a 6 month auto insurance payment to Geico in the amount of $1109. We have 3 late model cars – two Toyotas fully owned and a leased Mercedes. All in all, the insurance price is not too bad, though I plan to eventually get rid of the third car once the mercedes lease is over.
As I was home in January after exiting my job, we had a lot of nice family time together and the resultant increase in eating out. The restaurant budget spiked to almost equal to the grocery budget at $700 or so. Some of that was driven by a dinner with extended family where we hosted.

Telephone and home maintenance were as expected. Utilities were low as we only looked at the electric bill. The gas bill, which is usually high this time of year will get pushed out to next month.

The ‘everything else’ bucket is larger than usual. It includes a $100 bill for 2 months of home security monitoring, repair for a broken iPhone, entertainment charges from Netflix and Itunes, almost $90 for dry-cleaning and $85 for gas.

The non-core expenses for the month include the one-time insurance payment, the restaurant expenses, kids classes and some general merchandise spend.

Our income for the month was $39,744
Paycheck : $13,163
Taxable Portfolio Distributions: $15,442
Tax Sheltered Portfolio Distributions: $8,896

Total: $39,744

Net Worth: $2,985,497 +4%

Arguably most of the net worth increase is from the $33,000 in net worth contributed by the paycheck and investments. The market recovered a bit but still short of its high point from last year.

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