Financial Update Jan 5, 2019: NW $2,868,509 ( -1.8%: -$53,250)

December was a quiet month at home where we took time off as a family. It was anything but quiet in the financial markets as the stocks went on a wild ride leading to gut churning changes in net worth.

Our expenses for the month were $4117, which came in significantly (33%) lower than November, when we spent around $6000. Without further ado, let us dive into the details.

Home Maintenance$566
General Merchandise$501
Kids classes$325
Other Expenses$107
Dry Cleaning$89
Everything Else$303
Core Expenses: $2600Discretionary Expenses: $1517

Groceries topped the list of expenses – we use the amex blue cash to get 6% back on those. Home maintenance included pest treatment, mosquito treatment, and maid service for house cleaning. General merchandise is basically Amazon shopping…everyday items small and big.

As a family of 4, we end up eating out or ordering in 4-5 times a month. Sometimes it is just to celebrate the holidays, the weekend or occasionally when one of us is sick and don’t feel like preparing food. The average tab for eating at our local restaurants is $70-$80 for the 4 of us. That said, restaurant spend is one of our higher discretionary spending that could be cut back if needed.

The phone bill is with ATT and includes gigabit internet ( $70) and a 4 phone 15GB plan @$160 plus taxes. Gas expenses were low at $30 and are included in ‘everything else’. The rest of the expenses are self-explanatory.

In my view, discretionary expenses for the month included eating out, kids classes, clothing and shoes. This is not to imply that we don’t want to have shoes for our kids .. only this is an occasional lumpy expense so adding it as a core expense will distort the numbers.

Our income for the month was
Paycheck : $19,220
Taxable Distributions: $10,808
Tax Sheltered Distributions: $7,473

Total: $37,501

Net Worth: $2,868,509

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