#9: Respect

Very simply, respect is the ability to find a reason to admire and appreciate others. Respect provides a foundation for healthy friendships, relationships and work and home environments.

The first step is to recognize what respect looks and feels like. Learn how to practice it, and how to give it to those around you that you value.

In return, reflect on what it feels like when you are respected. You feel positive, encouraged, optimistic and secure. In contrast, when you are in an environment or relationship that lacks respect, you will feel hurt, insecure and negative.

Reflecting on respect will help you define the qualities of people that you want to invest in and build relationships with. Equally importantly, we want you to be aware when you are not being respected and are feeling the effects. A ‘friend’ who only turns to you when they need something. A relationship where saying hurtful things is considered ‘normal’.

Do not forget to respect yourself. Taking care of your mental and physical health is a form of respecting yourself.

Recognize what respect looks like from and to others. That will help you avoid or correct toxic situations or people early. It will also help you assess what people and situations you let into your life. Do not stay long where you are not respected.

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