#3: Expectations from work

Work can be a source of tremendous personal and financial fulfillment. You can and should expect that your work and workplace provides you purpose, personal growth, fair treatment and a fair deal in exchange for your time, intellect and passion.

If your work is a source of toxicity, whether from colleagues or bosses, unfair and exploitative or full of source sucking corporate BS … you owe it to yourself to leave and find something better. Know what you are experiencing is not normal and don’t settle. Have high standards for yourself as well as from your work environment. 

In many cases, work environment can start out well but decline over time. It can be due to company culture, a change of leadership etc.  This leads to the phenomenon of boiling the frog ( look it up). Over time, you rationalize away work related disfunction and individually compromise on many things which you may never have collectively accepted. Periodically review your work situation and if you are miserable, realize you need to change and have the courage to do so. From those that have done that, you’ll be much happier.

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