Recovering from Workaholism

After 20 years in the corporate world as a mostly loyal soldier, I finally rebelled. The gap between what you are sold and what your intellect and logic tell you became too wide to ignore. It is a fact that the trappings of the workplace are no different from an addiction and lead to behaviors not unlike lab rats. Have you ever experienced any of these ..

  • Being physically present but mentally absent at home.
  • Getting impatient with kids chatter and checking your phone while they are talking to you.
  • Forgetting where you parked…because several days blend into one.
  • Proving your relevance and self worth from the number of trivial email interactions you can participate in a day.
  • Being proud of your incredibly busy itinerary – landing at the airport, going straight to work without a break and working late into the evening.
  • Being proud of flying in excess of 100k miles on a given airline.
  • Having no time or energy to absorb the minor variations life throws at you.  Getting irritated if a child’s school schedule changes because it interferes with work.
  • Constantly seeking positive reinforcement from other corporate drones … becoming increasingly insecure if at any time the corporate spotlight shifts from you.
  • Indulging in self destructive behavior – drinking, drugs and more. 
  • Feeling unhealthy and a sense of lack of fulfillment even though you have all the trappings of success.
  • Having no self confidence and self worth apart from your job. 

Just some signs that you may be descending into workaholism. I experienced many of these in my own career in the process of starting to question what kind of person I was becoming. 

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