Financial Update Dec 4, 2018

The markets were tough during the month of November, with no safe place to hide. We continued our approach of reinvesting any dividends and increasing the income generation potential of the portfolio. With usual corporate dysfunction at the current job, I am actively considering a combination of taking time off and changing employers. With that in mind, we also made some portfolio moves to increase our monthly income generation. Monthly expenses were unusually high as we paid annual property taxes worth $17,000, which explains the decrease in the cash position. With that, here’s the update on the finances.

Net Worth: $2,921,759 ( -1.8%: -$54,750)

Cash $34,519
529 Kid 1 $170,403
529 Kid 2 $180,073
Pension $30k @60
Annual income from Taxable $129,006
Annual income from Retirement $72,100

November Expenses:

Taxes $17,379 High property taxes in Texas!
Travel $1754 Unexpected trip to see parents abroad.
Groceries $932
Restaurants $669
Credit Card fees $600 Amex Platinum
Automotive $529 New battery and service
Home Maint $488 Biweekly cleaning, lawn care
Online Shopping $446
Utilities $422
Household $327
Kids Classes $268
College Application expenses $241
Personal Care $225
Checks $220
Telephone $202
Clothing/Shoes $176
Gasoline $147
Cable/Satellite $96
  • Total: $25,121

Excluding one time costs ( Taxes and Travel)

November spend: $5988.

November Income:

  • Taxable account distributions: $8447
  • Retirement account distributions: $4339 (automatically reinvested)
  • Paycheck: $19,100

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