How did we do on 2019 Objectives?

In short, acceptable but not great. Our 2019 goals were as follows:

  1. Goal: Net Worth: $3.5MM
    Achieved a net worth of $ 3.62MM…so a comfortable beat.
  2. Goal: Taxable Portfolio Income of $180k
    Failed: Our current taxable portfolio income is about $134k. This was in part due to a vacation home purchase that required us to withdraw about $140k from our portfolio. This reduced our income generation by $12.6k. In addition, we moved some of our high risk high yield investments to lower yielding but safer investments resulting in a reduction of income of about $18k. Taken together, if these two events had not happened, our target portfolio income could have been $134+$12.6+$18 = $164.6k. Still a miss but this helps explain the magnitude of the miss.
  3. Fitness: Goal: Develop the ability to sustain 100 pushups, 100 squats and 5 pull-ups each day for 30 day stretches.
    Failed: Work travel and some family care needs overwhelmed my ability to maintain a routine.
  4. Goal: Surround ourselves with people and thoughts that are positive, supportive and definitely non-toxic.
    Partially Achieved: Made better and firmer choices in 2019 regarding people we spend time with and the results were evident and positive.
  5. Goal: Continue to simplify, focus and make our life more joyful and intentional.
    Achieved: We made significant progress in spending time on family Priorities, relationships and work colleagues while simplifying and placing more aspects of our financial life on autopilot.

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