Financial Update Jul 5, 2019: NW $3,234,993 ( +3.5%: +$109,469)

June mirrored May pretty closely. The new job income and severance payments continued. Expenses came in higher due to an international family trip for summer vacation. Outside of travel and restaurants, spending was relatively ok. 

Our solar system is all installed, and we are awaiting the approval from the utility to switch it on – a process that can take a few weeks. We are hopeful that the electricity bill savings should start to reduce our outflow by next month. 

The markets rebounded a bit and we had a good net worth increase to bounce back from May. Most of the increase came from new cash added this month, and a little from stock price recovery. Most of our investments are in high yield and the retirement funds got reinvested automatically. This brings our annual retirement portfolio distribution to $102,042. 

The taxable income portfolio did not see any new money – only existing distributions were reinvested leading to a slight increase in the annual projected income. 

The big gap between core expenses and actual spend shows that we have the potential to cut back on expenses significantly if our situation required it. Without any constraints however, our normal spending has been tending on the high side and I hope it will diminish in the second half of the year once summer is over and regular routines take over. 

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