Financial Update May 5, 2019: NW $3,201,380 ( +1.6%: +$51,389)

April brought college decisions – and a campus visit to California where our son will be going this fall. This incurred some travel expenses but everybody was excited to see the uncertainty end and future unfold.

Our expenses for the month were $11,032. April also brought 2 birthdays and an anniversary so gifts and kids parties also featured on the expense line.

Income for the month was $47,337. Severance payments continued as did distributions from our income portfolio. Distributions from taxable and non taxable accounts were $25,551 and severance payments were around $21,000.

In other financial news, an interesting employment opportunity appeared on our horizon and we decided to take it on. The first payments from that will show up in the balance sheet for the month of May. Without further ado, here is how the expenses fared …

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